Why Buy A House In Bristol?

Are you contemplating about moving to a new city to start your life anew? If yes, then, Bristol is definitely among the few places that you might want to consider when you finally make the move.

But, why live and buy a house in Bristol out of all places? Below are just some of the many reasons why Bristol is an ideal residence for you and your whole family:

Park Street

Filled with a rich combination of retail chain stores, boutique independent shops, and amazing places to dine, you will surely love all the gems you can find in Park Street.

The Waterfront

The Waterfront is a stunning place where you will never feel out of place once you live in Bristol. Aside from that, there are lots of places where you can sit and sip a drink or two as you look out the river.

College Green

Right below Park Street just next to the cathedral, you will find College Green where you can hang out with your family and friends. This is practically treated similar to a beach when summer season comes, with people lounging on blankets as they enjoy frozen yogurt or ice creams.

Castle Park

Also, another amazing chill out spot when the hot season comes is none other than Castle Park. Grab the right spot, and you will enjoy wonderful views of the river.

Lots of Choices for Dining

Bristol abounds with numerous dining places that one article is never enough to list them all. You will surely be intrigued with all the chain restaurants as well as great independent places worthy to check out.

Clubs and Bars on Boats

From the infamous Thekla to the Apple, you will never run out of exceptional places where you can drink and be merry. You might also want to make yourself accustomed to the boat parties that drift past as drunks wave at you.

Beautiful Clifton

A stroll around Clifton feels the same with walking around Chelsea or Bath. This spot is classy and dotted with cafes and boutique shops, not to mention the spectacular views from the suspension bridge.


Probably the best thing about Bristol is the fact that this serves as the home to all the shops you can wish for without the huge crowds or mayhem you will encounter in London. There is always something for everyone, whether it is an independent shop in Gloucester Road, fancy Quaker Friars, or a large 4-floor Primark.

The Art

Bristol is famous far and wide for its popular graffiti as well as being Banksy’s home. However, there is so much more to Bristol than this. Whether you are an independent film maker, musician, tattooist, or crafter, you will never find it hard to fit right into this city.

The Atmosphere

Bristol’s artsy culture makes it one cool place to buy a house. People here are very friendly and cool. It is a place where you can fully enjoy your life where everything you and your family will ever need or want is just right within your reach.

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