Find Out Various Purposes And Methods Of Measured Surveys!

Construction plays a vital role in the development of a new society. To make construction projects successful, a variety of tools and solutions are used in which measured surveys are one of them. Surveyors usually hold a significant role in the entire construction process. Measured surveys are a highly famous surveys in this process.

What Is Measured Survey –

The measured surveys are a kind of a survey for a building that is aimed to create new building plans. They are extensively used before starting a renovation process for a commercial or residential building or also post construction as built construction survey.

Knowing The Purpose Of Measured Survey –

It is highly important because of several reasons. In particular, they are critical in the construction and the entire real estate industry because they help to graphically display the floor or building plans of various houses to the potential buyers of a property.

These surveys are greatly useful as they serve as a reference for interior designers, builders and homeowners because they provide them a correct measurement of doors, windows, room and each and every feature of a home or residential building.

The professionals who conduct these surveys can sometime use the information which they collect for the creation of measured survey in retail zones, land registry schemes and ITZAs.

So, the one who is planning to conduct any big renovation or a new construction project can take benefit from these surveys. These are greatly used in residential property by several major building projects like hospitals, office blocks and hotels.

Although, most of these surveys feature simple plans of floor and building with simple measurements, it becomes highly common for a customer to desire for 3D measure survey as it gives them a thorough detailing of a project. The 3D technology based surveys are eligible to display extra information like door heights, stair details, beam details and ceiling heights to the building owners.

These surveys can sometimes be custom-designed depending on the requirement of a customer. In custom-made surveys, one can include features as required. For instance, one can ask the surveyor to add data points and electrical points, fire safety tools and equipment, sanitary fittings and other elements which they feel important to be added in the survey.

Methods To Perform Measured Survey –

The key methods to collection data for a measured survey have significantly changed with time. Initially, these surveys were bound to the tools like table measures, rules and string for taking up building measurements; however now, surveyors rely on more advanced tools and solutions for these surveys.

In the common methods of measured survey, laser survey is very famous as it enables the surveyor to have a clearer and precise measurements which translate to a better and superior survey quality.

In laser measured survey, the surveyor uses Bluetooth technology for sending the building measurements right to the laptop or computer device. After that, they translate the data in the measured survey through CAD software.

So, whenever you have a residential or commercial construction project, do not forget to take help of an expert measured surveyor.

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