Natural Rugs: An Informed Choice

Natural fiber rugs are go-to-go for many decorators, interior designers and architectures. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, they are affordable, easy to care for and eco-friendly! Their natural earthy textures make them versatile and they can go for every décor. In fact, many designers prefer to go all natural when it comes to covering wall to wall of every room in the home or office.

If you are planning for your house or office makeover, choosing natural rugs will be a wise decision. They are available in jute, sisal, seagrass, and coir. They have many similarities and at the same time differences which set them apart and makes them unique. You might give 7 on 10 and 9 on 10 to other, depending on your requirement and choice. So, if you want to know which one to choose when then read further: –

Jute Rug

Jute, primarily grown in India and Bangladesh, is not only used for making carpets or rugs. It is widely used for making burlap, twines and ropes. Jute is smooth with little luster and best choice for something soft underfoot.

The jute rug, natural in color and rich in texture, comes in handy when it comes to covering up minor spills and stains. They are not fit for areas that have heavy traffic. Therefore, they should be used in the dining room or bedroom but not a living area.

Jute rug is available in different colors and after the process of weaving each one looks distinctive.

Sisal Rugs

Sisal belongs to agave family. Grown in Central America, produced in Brazil and East Africa, Sisal is the strongest fiber amongst all. It is durable and reliable for a long term and thereby costly. It’s environmental-friendly nature and attitude not to take any dust make it a rug of undisputed quality among customers. However, it is not on good terms with water and therefore should not be used in wet areas.

Sisal rugs have a textured yarn touch and they are too coarse for soft and sensitive feet. Sisal rugs are perfect for high traffic areas and they can be easily used in living rooms, hallway or entryway.

Seagrass Rugs

It is mainly found in Asia-Pacific region. The fast growing marine plant fibers woven rug is resistant to stains and water spills. Like sisal, it is highly durable and tops the priority list of rugs when it comes to high traffic area.  It is a long lasting fiber which will last for years to come even after using in the family room, mudroom and living room.

The naturally grown fibers make sisal rugs environmental friendly and 100% natural. This fire resistant rug requires very low maintenance and will be available at a very reasonable price.

Coir Carpets

Coir is extracted from coconut husks. The husk is seasoned and then beaten to extract fibers. The fiber is then woven by a craftsperson using hand-loom techniques.

Coir is 100% natural and it is long lasting. It is ideal for areas which get heavy foot traffic. Coir’s fibers are rigid and it will not show any sign of heavy traffic. The tough fibers are resistant to mould and mildew and therefore can be used in the wet area. Moreover, a coir carpet is easy to maintain.

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