Tips For Renovating Your Home

When it comes to interior design, it may seem frivolous, and perhaps it is, but we tend to find ourselves awfully invested in this supposed frivolity. And, for good reason. Be it our home, our office, or even our home office, our space is an extension of ourselves, and it should function accordingly. That only makes sense. So while it is technically a luxury, it can feel like a battle for your very soul to try and build, remodel, or otherwise manifest your dream home. Therefore, one of your biggest obstacles may be your own indecision. With a decision so seemingly vital in front of us, the fear of making the “wrong” decision sets in, despite the fact that it’s a subjective matter with no wrong, or right, for that matter, answers. Therefore, it’s prudent to try to narrow your focus and come up with a plan prior to starting any projects. Otherwise, you could end up going in circles or nowhere at all, all out of this fear of messing up. Here are a few suggestions to help you find your dream home.

First and foremost, consider the rooms of your home and your home as a hole. For example, a theme, be it across your whole home or simply a room, can really bring your dream home to life and create a feeling of cohesion all at once. A favorite theme of mine is an oceanic theme. For this theme, you would want to play with cooler coolers like blues and greens, such as seafoam, teal, turquoise, etc., for your walls, carpets, furniture, etc. Then, of course, you’d want to track down some thematically appropriate decor from Amazon. For example, seashells, anchors, nautical stars, fishtanks, etc. Anything that further evokes that feeling under the sea feeling. I’m a fan of vintage diving helmets, myself, though an authentic one would be insanely expensive. I’ll take a replica, though. This theme could be across your whole home, in one room of your home, or one of many rooms with different themes, all depending, of course, on what interests you personally. It is, after all, YOUR dream home.

Another thing to take into account when redecorating is the flow of your space. Take a look at your furniture right now. Now, imagine the floor was a series of pathways and see how efficiently and smoothly they interconnect, both between themselves and other rooms of your home. You’ll want your space to be as easy as possible to navigate. That is, of course, unless you want to create a problem to be overcome to keep you on your toes. Who am I to judge? Either way, the flow of your home is an important part of it and should be planned like anything else. This is especially true when you have company over. Unless you’re trying to challenge them to navigate your labyrinth, you’ll most likely want ease of access to be a prevalent part of your home. The one exception, perhaps, might be the bedroom, for security purposes.

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