Call Us If You Ever Need To Renovate Your Parking Lot

If you own a strip mall or an office complex, you are all too familiar with the following: you have a lot of people who are interested in visiting your commercial area to shop at the different shops, or to do business with the different businesses in the area, but the bad state of the roads in your complex is keeping them from doing so. What do you do? You can call NTS Contractors because we are the leading concrete repair company in the Dallas Metroplex!

What is so special about the Dallas Metroplex?

Well, thanks to Texas’s booming economy which has been spurred by the generous tax breaks and other financial incentives the state’s government offers businesses which relocate to the area, and the low cost of living and doing business, the Dallas Metroplex is emerging as a key business area and a fast driver of business growth in America. Indeed, companies like Boeing and Toyota are fast moving to Texas. This creates many jobs, but more importantly, it creates demand for great roads, and that’s where we come into the picture.

What makes NTS Contractors so special?

Our company is family owned, therefore we understand doing business the traditional and old-fashioned way, with a personal touch. This is especially true in the area of customer service – customer service is the human interaction between a company and a customer which makes its customers want to do business, and send referral business to the particular company. We excel in the area of customer service because our contractors ensure that they complete any pavement striping or concrete repair project to your satisfaction and at a price, you will be happy with. In this way, we are not satisfied with the job until you are satisfied with it!  

We also hire the most experienced, educated, talented, and professional contract repair contractors in the industry. This ensures that every job they do always exceeds customer expectations in terms of timely completion and quality. This is important to us because quality workmanship and customer satisfaction are the lifeblood of our company and industry. Because of their experience and knowledge in terms of concrete repair, our contractors will act as consultants when on the job and will assess your parking lot to identify problem areas which need to be fixed. They then formulate a plan and a customized proposal which is intended to repair your parking lot and associated concrete to correct any problems that currently exist, or which may arise in the future! What’s more and best is that our contractors do all of their work within your budget, so we and they are very affordable for you!

Our services

We operate in all areas which involve concrete repair. They include concrete repairs, custom stenciling, pavement striping, power washing, sandblasting, and wheel stops. We do all of this work with the utmost professionalism, and with the best workmanship in the industry. Indeed, all of our work is backed by our excellent reputation in terms of concrete work. You will not be disappointed by our work on your parking lot or related physical infrastructure.

To conclude:

Now that you know that you won’t be disappointed by the stellar job we will do of fixing the degraded parking lot and roads in your strip mall, or office complex, please feel free to give us a call! We will do a repair job that will make your parking lot and roads look as good as new, and which both you and we can be proud of!

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