Organizing Your Client’s Storage Unit? What To Know Before You Go

With the growing demand for storage units around the country, it is important to get clients the assistance they need in organizing them. Looking at the growing importance and use of storage units, professionalism will be required to meet the needs of prospective clients. Anyone seeking to get established in this business must be ready to offer help to clients who will need help in setting up a storage unit. Clients are looking for storage units Columbia that can get them a great experience in keeping their items. There is not much of a difference when organizing a storage unit from what is usually done when organizing an office or any other space. So, here is what you should know…

  • Consider the End result from the Beginning

Get started with an action plan with the help of your client. Ensure you understand the goals of the client, especially on the size of the storage unit they want. That way, you will first seek to ensure that there is a room of that kind available for their use. Agree with your client on what exactly they want to get from their storage unit. If they want to be able to easily find the items stored, or want to have safe storage for their items, you should be able to capture that.

The idea here is to conceptualize the end result from the perception of the client. Even with that, help them understand what they need to do to get organized by taking a record of all items to be stored. This helps for future reference, especially when retrieving the items from the store. They can either choose to prepare a list or just take photographs of the items.

It is also important to factor in issues of labelling. Ask the client about the items they want to access quite often if any. This will help you in labelling them and in knowing where to keep them for ease of access. Know what kind of items need storage. Discuss whether they are to be kept on shelves or stacked on top of each on the floor.  

  • Understand the Dynamics of the Storage Units

Gather enough information about the storage facility including but not limited to hours of operation, availability of parking and other features deemed useful to help in the decision making process. Before you make a plan for anything, ensure that you have a thorough knowledge of the storage unit to determine its nature and how well it will address the needs of the client.

  • Prepare a List of What You Need

Now that you understand the needs of the client and have identified a suitable location for storage, prepare a list of things that will help you accomplish the job. Make sure you list down everything that will bring efficiency and comfort when packing a storage unit. See whether you need extra lighting, dust cloths, ladders and so on.

  • Taking Care of Unwanted Things  

There has to be a plan on how to handle unnecessary items that the client does not need. It is important to understand how these will be discarded. Agree with your client on how to do this. Find out where you can get a dumpster for any trash that may need to be disposed off. It pays to have a plan on how everything will be executed from the beginning to the end. There are many options to go about this: hire hauliers for help or make donations.

  • Allocate time for Organization

The organization sessions should not be rushed. Make sure that there is enough time to set everything where it is supposed to be.  Get to know how much time you will need for that and remember to set enough time for the exercise. This will be a lot possible after seeing the number of items to be stored.

To be able to successfully help clients organize their storage unit, it is important to look at their goals and objectives. From this understanding, you can easily know the kind of solution that is suitable for them. Working closely with the client will get you enough ideas into the kind of arrangement they want for their self-storage unit.  

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